Facebook, YouTube delete posts claiming to name Ukraine whistleblower

Twitter, so far, is not.

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Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

There's an impeachment inquiry taking place against Donald Trump, which started with a whistleblower complaint about conduct on a call with officials in the Ukraine. Outlets like Breitbart have published content claiming to name the person who initially filed the complaint claiming the president violated his oath of office.

Now the latest free speech flashpoint for social networks is whether or not to allow the spread and amplification of the name, while lawyers for the whistleblower argue that publishing a potential name puts that person at risk. CNN reports that Facebook and YouTube have decided to remove posts with the name, while Twitter -- where US House Rep. Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump Jr. have shared posts with the name -- says it is not against the rules. With public hearings on the matter scheduled to start next week, this is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

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