'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie tries again with a new trailer

The nightmare is over.

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Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Paramount's original trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie was... really something, wasn't it? The under-stylized body, the odd soundtrack choice, the teeth. Such was the Sonic fandom's collective horror that director Jeff Fowler swiftly announced the movie would be put on pause until the studio got the design right. Now, they think they've nailed it.

The new trailer -- which has received an outpouring of relieved gratitude from fans -- features an altogether less unsettling Sonic, with a properly-styled body, friendlier eyes and an absolutely normal mouth. The trailer is crammed full of highlights, showcasing what the movie has in store, and -- crucially -- it uses the OG Sonic music. If it's Paramount's attempt at an apology, then all is forgiven. The movie arrives in theaters on February 14th next year.

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