Apple’s AirPods Pro are on sale just weeks after their release

You can save $14 on Amazon, but you may have to wait months for them to arrive.

Less than a month after Apple released its AirPods Pro, they're on sale for $235 on Amazon. That $14 savings is a little surprising. It's unusual to see these things go on sale so soon, and it might irk some of the folks who bought them at full price a couple weeks ago.

Normally $249, the AirPods Pro are Apple's best and most expensive true wireless earbuds yet. They offer refined design, better sound and more features, like active noise cancellation (ANC). They add transparency mode, on-board controls and silicone ear tips. They're rated as sweatproof (IPX4), and of course, they have hands-free Siri.

There are still a few drawbacks to this model: the touch controls are a bit awkward, the settings are buried in iOS and not everyone is a fan of the silicone tips, which are essential for ANC.

While you might save $14 ordering through Amazon, the listing says these usually ship between one and three months. That will likely be a deal breaker for most people. You could also tempt fate and wait for any Black Friday sales that may or may not materialize.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro on Amazon - $235