Niantic is adding gifting to ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’

It’s a feature ‘Pokémon Go’ fans will be familiar with.

Taking a page from Pokémon Go, Niantic is adding gifting to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The next time you launch the augmented reality game, you'll be able to find different colored boxes at the game's inns, fortresses and greenhouses, and then send them to your friends.

Depending on the color of the gift box, it will contain different rewards. Blue boxes, for example, contain spell power, Wizards Unite's most coveted resource, while yellow and green boxes contain runestones and potion ingredients respectively. Each color gift box comes from a specific location type -- you'll only find blue boxes, for example, at inns. However, each time you find a new one, Niantic says you'll also have the chance to earn bonus items, as well as extra Wizarding XP.

Just like in Pokémon Go, there are a couple of restrictions to the gifting. The first is that that you can't open any gift boxes you find yourself -- that would go against the spirit of the system. Similarly, you can't shower your friends with items; you're only able to send a friend a single gift every 24 hours. On that note, Niantic also says that you can only send 10 gifts per day, and hold 100 gifts total in your inventory.

While it's fair to say Wizards Unite hasn't been the success that Pokémon Go was (and continues to be) for Niantic, it's good to see the developer continue to work on the game -- even if it's only to add a feature that was already available in Pokémon Go.