Google Docs is getting Gmail's autocomplete smarts

The Smart Compose beta is only available to G Suite users for now.

Google hoped to make writing emails a little easier when it added its Smart Compose autocomplete function to Gmail last year. You should be able to take advantage of the helpful feature elsewhere soon, as it's coming to Google Docs, starting as a beta for G Suite users on the web.

The tool suggests relevant phrases based on the context of what you're writing, helps you cut back on spelling and grammar errors and reduces repetitive wording, the company says. You can accept Smart Compose suggestions by hitting the tab key or right clicking the cursor. If you'd prefer not to see them, you can turn them off from the Preferences menu under Tools.

You won't be able to access Smart Compose in Google Docs through your personal Google account quite yet, but it's a safe bet Google's planning to make the feature available more broadly in the near future. In the meantime, G Suite admins can sign up for the beta (which is only available in English for now) to activate it for their users.