Elon Musk confirms Tesla's 'Cyberquad' as a Cybertruck accessory

Musk also posted a video showing how that window stunt was supposed to go.

Other than unveiling Tesla's new low-polygon-count pickup, Elon Musk also introduced an electric ATV at the event last night. Dubbed the Cyberquad, Musk confirmed on Twitter today that the two-person ATV will be available "first" as an option for Cybertruck buyers. At the event, the four-wheeler rode into the back of a Cybertruck as the truck's adaptive suspension leaned back for easier loading, and then the ATV plugged in for charging right there in the bed.

We still don't know anything else about its capabilities or potential cost, but early adopters of the truck who want to go off-roading may appreciate a zero-emission recreational vehicle to go along with their purchase.

In a few other tweets, Musk indicated there will be a solar power option for the truck capable of generating enough energy to drive 15 miles per day. He also referenced the "armor glass" demo that went awry, mentioning that earlier throws didn't damage the window and eventually posting a slow-motion video of lead designer Franz von Holzhausen's previous attempt.