Ableton Live 10 is 25 percent off through Cyber Monday

The app is one of our favorite digital audio workstations.

If you're starting to feel constrained by GarageBand or the free software that came with your MIDI controller, it might be time to upgrade. And you might want to consider Ableton, which has discounted its Live 10 software by 25 percent. With the price cut, the app's Intro, Standard and Suite tiers now cost $74, $337 and $562 respectively, down from their usual $99, $449 and $749 price points. When it comes to audio production tools, Ableton Live 10 is one of our favorites. While it might be intimidating at first glance, the app features a clean and intuitive interface that encourages experimentation.

As for which version to spring for, it depends on your needs. If all you want out of a digital audio workstation is the ability to record a podcast or band, then the Intro version will be more than enough. Aspiring beatmakers will want to consider the Standard package, as it doesn't limit how many audio and MIDI tracks you can record. You also get access to Ableton's audio-slicing feature, which will allow you to rework beats and samples. And if you're serious about audio production, then Suite is the way to go. While it's a lot of money upfront, it comes with 5,000 plus sounds, 15 instruments (three times as many as Standard) and 55 different audio effects. It also includes Ableton's powerful Max feature, which allows you to create new instruments and effects.

It's also worth mentioning that Ableton is discounting upgrades by 25 percent as well, so if you previously bought one of the more affordable tiers and feel like you've outgrown it, this is a good opportunity to move up.

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