Signal's secure iOS messenger now supports iPads

You can set up your iPad as a linked device.

The latest update for Signal comes with a dedicated version for iPads and gives you the ability to set up your tablet as a linked device. Similar to Signal for desktop, the iPad version of the secure messaging app works seamlessly with your phone, allowing you to send and receive messages on either device. The updated application now also has a new interface designed for a tablet's screen, featuring more room without the artificial zoom that makes elements look janky. It can even show your conversations with a horizontal layout in landscape mode whenever you're viewing them on an iPad.

In addition, Signal 3.0 adds built-in support for video trimming, which you can use to turn any clip into a highlight. If you want to message or call someone in a group chat, you can easily do so by tapping on someone's avatar. It also adds support for a bunch of languages: Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese. Finally, you can now forward messages between threads and edit them to expound upon your point or to clarify something that needs it before you send them.