Save $100 on the Sonos Play:5 on Cyber Monday

Sonos is dropping the price of the One and One SL, too.

In addition to Black Friday discounts on home theater speakers, Sonos is offering Cyber Monday deals that music lovers will appreciate.

On December 2nd, the Sonos One will be on sale for $50 off ($149). When the One speaker first came out we called it the best-sounding smart speaker you could buy and gave it a score of 90. It has excellent audio quality, works with just about every music streaming service and it has built-in Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2.

The One SL speaker will be marked down $40 ($129). If you don't want a voice assistant on your Sonos speaker, this might be the device for you. It's nearly identical to the One, but it's microphone-free.

You'll also find the Play:5 on sale at a $100 discount ($399). The Play:5 notched a score of 89 when it made its debut in 2015, and it claims to have the most powerful, high-fidelity sound of any Sonos speaker. It's easy to turn into a multi-room system with other, cheaper Sonos speakers, and while you'll pay more for the quality here, the $100 savings might make that more appealing.

These deals will only be valid on Cyber Monday, which happens to be the last day for the home theater discounts that Sonos is also running.

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