Save $80 on a Sonos Beam this Black Friday

You can also save on the company's other home theatre products such as the Playbar and Playbase.

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Save $80 on a Sonos Beam this Black Friday

With just a couple of days before the official start of Black Friday, Sonos has detailed what you can expect from its sale. Later this week, you'll be able to save on the company's Beam, Playbar, Playbase and Sub speakers, as well as its Amp amplifier. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Sonos plans to offer a direct discount on its music-focused speakers — home theater products appear to be the theme this year. You'll be able to take advantage of all deals we detail below starting from midnight ET on November 28th through to December 2nd.


Sonos Beam

Sonos will discount its Beam soundbar by $80, making it $319, instead of $399. The Beam is both one of Sonos' more recent and compelling products. It's the most affordable of the company's three soundbars, and unlike the Playbar and Playbase, it features Alexa and Google Assistant voice control built-in. You can also use it to control your TV, provided you have a modern set with an ARC-compatible HDMI port. Best of all, the inclusion of AirPlay 2 makes it easy to stream audio from your Apple device to the soundbar. Engadget's James Trew called Beam a "great entry point into the Sonos ecosystem" when he reviewed it last year. His only complaint was that it didn't sound quite as good as Playbase and Playbar.

Buy Sonos Beam on Sonos - $319

Playbar, Playbase and Sub

Sonos Playbase

Sonos has also discounted its two older soundbars, as well its aptly named Sub subwoofer. All three products will cost $559 this Black Friday, as opposed to their usual $699. While not as fully-featured as Beam, the Playbase and Playbar sound better than their younger sibling. We gave the Playbase and Playbar an 86 and 84 when we reviewed them back in 2017 and 2013. Given their respective price tags, most people will gravitate toward Beam. But if you have a wall-mounted setup, then the Playbar may be a better option. Playbase also looks great with certain TV setups.

Meanwhile, Sub is a great — albeit very expensive — addition to any existing Sonos system. We gave the subwoofer a score of 79 when we reviewed it back in 2012. The one major issue with Sub, particularly given its price, is that you can't use it with other non-Sonos speakers.

Buy Sonos Playbase on Sonos - $559

Buy Sonos Playbar on Sonos - $559

Buy Sonos Sub on Sonos - $559


Sonos Amp

Last but not least, Sonos will discount Amp by $120. Chances are if you're interested in Amp, you already know whether you want one and price is not a major consideration. Still, even audiophiles can appreciate saving a couple of hundred dollars here and there. We haven't had a chance to review Amp, but it does have a few standout features. First, like with its Beam soundbar, Sonos added an HDMI ARC port to Amp. They also made it capable of outputting up to 125 watts per channel, and it can even connect with CD players and turntables. Together, with all of its other features, Amp is a compelling update over the company's past Connect Amp.

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