Google's next chat service is... Photos

It's yet another way for you to share and talk about your pictures and videos.

One of the best things about Google+ (RIP) was its engrossing photography community, where people from far and wide shared and discussed their images. Google's stab at a social network might be dead and buried, but it's doubling down on ways for people to message each other across its various services. Now, it's marrying those two notions by bringing a chat feature to Google Photos.

When you share individual photos and videos, you can add them to a private chat in the app or on the website. You'll be able to like and comment on pictures and clips and save them to your own gallery.

"This feature isn't designed to replace the chat apps you already use, but we do hope it improves sharing memories with your friends and family in Google Photos," Janvi Shah, product manager at Google Photos, wrote in a blog post. Photos can be a great jumping-off point for a conversation, as the likes of Instagram have shown. The chat function is rolling out across Android, iOS and the web over the next week.