Noir detective game 'Blacksad' will be out for consoles on December 10th

It will be available for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Blacksad: Under the Skin has been available on Steam since mid-November, but don't worry about buying it if you'd rather play on a console -- you only have a few more days to wait. The noir detective game, based on a graphic novel series, will be out worldwide for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on December 10th. Some European gamers report having early access.

Blacksad is a universe populated by anthropomorphic animal characters set in the 1950s. The main character is John Blacksad, a hardboiled black cat detective who's dressed aptly for the part. As you'd expect, you'll have to look for clues, interview people and complete action sequences to solve crimes. One interesting aspect of the game is Blacksad's ability to use his sharp feline senses like vision, smell and hearing to analyze situations and uncover details that were previously unaccessible.

You can watch the game's trailer below, but make sure to read our first impressions of the game from Gamescom to know what you can expect.