Elon Musk took Tesla's Cybertruck for a weekend drive around LA

Yes, it still looks like that.

So what is there to do after you win a defamation lawsuit? If you're Elon Musk, apparently ride down the 405 in an electric pickup truck. Many people spotted the Tesla Cybertruck riding around Los Angeles this weekend, while celeb-watching sites like TMZ got footage of the CEO at Nobu on Saturday night surrounded by people including the actor Edward Norton.

The truck didn't seem to have anything about it that was more production-ready than when we saw it at the unveiling, although seeing it on the street gives a good sense of how large the Cybertruck really is. People spotted the truck stopped in traffic, and on the highway, although the most dramatic -- and slightly troubling -- aspect came as Musk zipped out of the parking lot and clipped a cone that might've been hard to see from its cabin.

Of course, if what you really wanted to see was a Cybertruck rampaging across the landscape taking out any vehicle in its path, then you'll have to settle for this simulation, courtesy of a modded version of GTA V.