Google Maps for iOS gets Incognito Mode

It's also easier to delete your location history on Android.

You no longer need an Android phone if you want to keep your Google Maps activity (mostly) private. Google is rolling out Incognito Mode to iOS users as of today, giving you the same ability to search for and navigate to locations without leaving records behind on your account or Location History. Again, this won't affect Assistant queries or prevent outsiders from theoretically snooping on your Google Maps traffic -- this is mainly so that Google (and anyone with access to your phone) won't know what you've been looking for.

Android users are getting an additional privacy control of their own. There will soon be a bulk delete option for your Timeline so that you can quickly remove a group of places you've visited without venturing into Maps' settings and specifying date ranges. This could be particularly helpful if you've been looking for gifts and would rather not spoil the surprise when your partner borrows your phone. The feature will miss the holidays with its January rollout, but hey -- it'll be ready for next year.

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