Co-operative horror shooter ‘GTFO’ hits Steam Early Access

Think: ‘Left 4 Dead’ meets ‘Aliens’.

After it was first announced three years ago, co-operative horror shooter GTFO is now available through Steam Early Access. If you haven't heard of this one before, it attempts to scratch the same itch as titles like Left 4 Dead, pitting you and three friends against hordes of monsters inside of an oppressive and dark underground facility. 10 Chambers Collective, a studio that includes several designers who worked on the Payday series, developed GTFO.

Besides the tonal similarities to the Alien franchise (there's a firearm that includes a radar module, allowing you to spot enemies before they detect you), a key selling point of GTFO is a gameplay mechanic called the "Rundown." Essentially, each time you play the game, developer 10 Chambers claims the experience will be slightly different. That's because the studio plans to continually tweak the maps and objectives it puts you and your friends through. It also appears there will be some procedurally-generated elements to ensure no two play sessions are exactly the same.

You can currently buy GTFO on Steam for $31.49. Just note that the developer warns its game isn't for the faint of heart. "GTFO is seriously hard, you need dedication and teamwork to survive!" it says on the game's Steam page. "This is not a run and gun game, please watch a stream or a YouTube clip so you know what you are getting into."