Sling TV's Cloud DVR can finally record ESPN

You can also skip through any show, including the commercials.

You no longer have to worry that you'll miss out on a big sports extravaganza just because you're a Sling TV subscriber. The cord-cutter service has switched on Cloud DVR for key ESPN channels, including the main channel, ESPN2, Desportes, Bases Loaded, Goal Line, ACC Network and SEC Network. There's a good chance you can catch that big college basketball match game if you know you'll miss the live match. This doesn't extend to digital-only channels like ESPN3, ACC Network Extra and SEC Network+, however, so you'll still need to tune for some programming.

There's a useful update even if you don't care for sports. You can now watch the version of a show that you recorded, rather than being kicked over to the on-demand version for some programming. This lets you skip forward and backward through any captured show, including the commercials. That prove a relief if you're pressed for time. Suddenly, the $5 extra for Cloud DVR is that much more valuable.