The Game Awards will run a 48-hour demo 'festival'

'System Shock' and other indie titles will be available to try.

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Nightdive Studios
Nightdive Studios

Public hands-on time at shows like E3 and PAX is great, but it's not much use if you can't be there in person. The Game Awards might have a simple solution for that problem: bring the show to you. It's introducing The Game Festival, an experimental event that will make demos for a dozen-plus indie games available through Steam for 48 hours starting on December 12th at 1PM Eastern. You might recognize some of the selections, including Nightdive's System Shock remake and Glass Bottom's charming-as-hell Skatebird.

This won't scratch your itch if you're hoping to play a just-announced blockbuster. If this pilot works out, though, it wouldn't be surprising if larger studios (or at least more studios) used this as a way to provide peeks at games beyond the usual trailers. Think of it as continuing what Konami's P.T. started -- only this time you'll probably get the finished product.

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