PC gamers: Rate and review the RTX 2060 Super or 2070 Super

Does the hype around real-time ray tracing pan out for this year’s NVIDIA GPUs?

Affordable, fast and with excellent dual-fan cooling, NVIDIA's two new ray-tracing cards (the RTX 2060 Super and the 2070 Super) took the place of the company's excellent Ti lineup. NVIDIA's release of the GPUs was, according to senior editor Devindra Hardawar, "clearly a response to AMDs new midrange" cards. Dev managed to get impressive frame rates and gaming performance out of each, awarding the 2060 Super a score of 87 and the 2070 an 86.

Last week, we asked users who had chosen from AMD's GPU lineup to share their experiences with the cards. This week we want to hear from those who bought an NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super or 2070 Super instead. What kind of frame rates did you get from the 2070 Super? How well did those dual fan coolers work for you? Is the real-time ray tracing worth it? And, of course, why did you choose NVIDIA over AMD? As someone who owns the component, you know it better than anyone else so weigh in with what impressed you, what didn't and any other details potential buyers should know. Remember, your review could get included in an upcoming user review roundup article!

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