Samuel L. Jackson has arrived on Alexa devices

Alexa’s Celebrity Voice Program starts with the best possible choice.

The spirit of Samuel L. Jackson is ready to possess your Alexa devices. If you want to make your smart speakers 1,000 times more fun and would rather hear the weather report and wake up to the actor's dulcet tones, you can get things started by saying "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson." This rollout is part of Amazon's Celebrity Voice Program for its voice assistant first announced back in September. Installing his voice will cost you $1, but that's a tiny price to pay to be owned by SLJ in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

There's a bunch of other things you can ask SLJ, as well, such as what it was like making Star Wars and where his favorite vacation spot it. You can ask him to tell jokes, to sing jingle bells and to grant your lifelong wish that he'd wish you a Merry Christmas. If your kids are misbehaving, you can ask Mr. Jackson to tell them to go to bed, as well -- they may not listen to you, but we'll bet they'll listen to Nick Fury. And if you've always wondered which among his memorable movie lines is his absolute favorite -- if it's the one asking where his super suit is or if it's the one cursing those pesky snakes on a plane -- then you can ask the man himself as well.

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