Instagram will automatically label false content shared from Facebook

It's also expanding its fact-checking initiative worldwide.

Instagram is once more stepping up its efforts to fight misinformation, and that now includes automatically flagging some bogus posts. It's expanding its fact-checking program worldwide, and as part of that move will label any known false Facebook material if it's shared to Instagram. You'll see a similar process if false Instagram material is sent to Facebook, too. If you do run into one of these sketchy posts, you'll see a "false information" overlay that can explain why the content is dodgy.

The social media giant reiterated that it will pull users from the Explore and hashtag pages if they repeatedly receive these flags.

This auto-labeling could help curb some of the more obnoxious attempts to spread misinformation. You'll hopefully see fewer instances of friends sharing old hoaxes or junk science. This won't necessarily stop the most determined charlatans, and it certainly won't help you avoid false political ads. It's a step in the right direction, though, and the newly global reach of the fact-checking program is bound to help as well.