Dish's smaller AirTV 2 can hide while it streams local TV

The AirTV 2 bring free channels to many devices in your home.

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Jon Fingas
December 18th, 2019

Dish has unveiled a new version of its AirTV media box, and it's good news for those who want their over-the-air broadcasts in a subtler package. The AirTV 2 once again shares up to two streams of OTA material with the devices in your home, but it's now smaller, subtler and overall sleeker. You'll have a better chance of tucking the box away where it won't command attention. The device also boasts improved connectivity, although you're still looking at an 802.11ac WiFi connection.

You can add an external hard drive to simultaneously record and view shows, and the Sling app provides access on Android, iOS, Fire TV and Roku devices in addition to whatever Sling services you might have (if any).

The AirTV 2 is available now for $100, although it's evident that Dish would really like you to buy one alongside one of its services. You'll get the AirTV 2 and an OTA antenna for $49 if you get a three-month prepaid Sling TV subscription, while spending $99 under similar terms will also net you an AirTV Mini ($149 will get you two). As before, this latest AirTV box is as much a gateway to Sling services as it is a cord cutting tool.

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