Willow's CES booth will double as a safe space for breast-pumping moms

The brand wants to redefine the position of moms in the tech industry.

CES is just around the corner and that means two things: the opportunity to get up close and personal with exciting new tech, and horrifyingly long lines for the men's bathroom. It's no secret that tech is still a very male-dominated industry, and to highlight the inequality that continues to abound, breast pump brand Willow is aiming to replicate the famous bathroom queues at its booth, which it is turning into a comfortable pumping space for conference-going moms.

"Willow is showing up at CES this year to help call attention to the need for workplace resources for pumping moms that have historically been scarce, while also celebrating how far women in tech have come over the last 50 years," Willow president Vickie Mrva told Engadget. "We are proud to lead this charge in not only creating the most advanced breast pump on the market, but to also set an example on how culture can shift around work and motherhood overall."

As well as providing a safe and well-equipped pumping area at its booth (Sands Halls A-D, booth 43961), Willow will also be giving away its quiet, in-bra wearable breast pumps from 12.30pm on January 7th to the first 50 women at its stand. The pump has made waves in baby tech since its release, offering a new way for moms to breastfeed hands-free with smart support from an iOS/Android app.