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Google Search now lets you add movies and shows to a 'Watchlist'

It can help you keep up with all the new shows and movies coming out.

Your Google Search results may now be a lot more helpful when it comes to keeping track of all the shows and movies you're keeping an eye on. The tech giant has rolled out a new card for the mobile results page that lets you add TV series and film titles to a "Watchlist" and a "Watched" bookmarks collection, 9to5Google has discovered.

If it's something you can watch on YouTube, the card would include a "Watch now" button with its price and a link that goes straight to its page on the platform. Meanwhile, if it's something you can catch in the theaters, that option is replaced with a "Get tickets" button that takes you to the Showtimes tab. Also when you put titles to your Watchlist, it gets added to a Collection featuring their cover art, so you can browse through them whenever you're looking for something to play.

9to5Google says the feature has been rolling out these past few days. We don't have access to it yet, but social media posts show people have been getting the feature. It seems to be only available on the web via mobile, though, and on the Google app for Android and iOS.


Image: 9to5Google