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After Math: Mobile World Mayhem

Let's get this trade show on the road.

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Mobile World Congress is kicking off this weekend in Barcelona, Spain and Engadget's crack team of reporters will be coming to you live from the show floor! But the trade show isn't the only thing making mobile news this week: Chevy's finally adding a "Find my Car" feature to its app, Intel's pumping the brakes on rumors of its 5G modem availability, and Facebook is (unsurprisingly) once again in trouble for scraping sensitive data from its mobile users. In less disturbing news, BMW and Daimler are looking to invest a billion dollars into a different sort of "mobile" project.


Nike's self-lacing Adapt BB shoes aren't playing well with Android phones

For $350 a pair, you'd think that Nike would have ensured that their self-lacing smart sneakers would work both of the major mobile operating systems. But nope.


Multiple iOS apps are reportedly sharing sensitive data with Facebook

Facebook got caught this week siphoning deeply personal data -- from your weight to your menstrual cycle -- from nearly a dozen mobile apps without any warning to users that it was actually doing so. Seriously, why is anyone surprised at this point? How long before we're back here again?


BMW and Daimler invest $1 billion in their joint mobility services

Following the lead of popular bike and scooter sharing schemes, BMW and Daimler announced this week that the two companies will invest roughly a billion dollars in their joint mobility venture. The five programs the pair are developing could lead to as many as 1,000 new jobs in the coming months and years.


Chevrolet finally adds 'find my car' to its app

Ashton Kutcher jokes aside, Chevy has finally rolled out a feature that forgetful vehicles owners are sure to love (assuming they remember to use it). The "vehicle locate" service will remind you, and ten of your closest family and friends, exactly where in this giant Walmart parking lot your ride home is.


Lyft's Shared Saver rides save you money if you're willing to walk more

If you're part of the 35 percent of people who shared their Lyfts in 2018 and are hoping to save a bit more cash, all you have to do is spend some shoe leather. The company has announced a new feature called Shared Saver which will shave a couple bucks off your next ride if you're willing to hike a few extra blocks to a different pick up location.


Intel's 5G modems won't be in phones until 2020

Apple's going to have to wait a bit before it can compete with Samsung's 5G-capable handsets. Apple's chip supplier, Intel, announced on Friday that it won't have 5G modems available for mobile until sometime next year.

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