Lyft's Shared Saver rides save you money if you're willing to walk more

Lyft is asking people to walk to pick-ups and drop-offs to save a couple bucks.

Lyft has announced a new ride option called Shared Saver. The budget-friendly option expands the company's existing ride sharing options puts commuters in the same vehicle to split the cost of the ride and will not be subject to surge pricing. The catch: you'll have to do some walking. Shared Saver requires riders to walk to a designated pick-up spot and may drop them off within walking distances of their final destination rather than taking them directly to it.

According to Lyft, Shared Saver will keep its pickups within a few blocks at most of where a rider is already located. They'll just have to hoof it to the meeting spot to get picked up by Lyft that they will share with other riders. The app will set a drop-off point and will alert the riders in advance of where they will be let out so they can plan the rest o their trip, which should consist of little more than a short walk.

Lyft has been pushing more shared rides, even redesigning its app to highlight the option last year. The ride-hailing service claimed in June 2018 that about 35 percent of its rides were shared, and the company is hoping to push that to 50 percent by 2020. Lyft has also played around with suggested pick up spots before. Shared Saver appears to be the result of those ideas coming together.