Lyft tries to make your rides faster with suggested pickup spots

Uber has been doing this for a while.

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Mallory Locklear
June 26, 2017 5:31 PM

In order to make pickups more efficient and convenient, Lyft has begun offering pickup suggestions. Any time the app spots a slight change in pickup location that would save a rider time, such as walking to the nearest corner or heading towards a main street, it will suggest an update. The app will also let the rider know exactly how many minutes the adjustment will save them and the rider can choose to move to the new location or stick with the original pickup spot.

This update to the app follows two last year that let Lyft riders change a pickup location after a ride was requested as well as pinpoint exactly where they wanted to be picked up and dropped off. An update in May allowed riders to begin scheduling a pickup up to seven days in advance. But the company is a little slow to offer the pickup suggestion option because it's something that Uber started working on in 2015.

Lyft's new service should make pickups more efficient for both rider and driver and it's being rolled out everywhere Lyft is available, starting today. Just make sure to update your app.

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