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Sinemia offers more details on why it has been terminating accounts

And launches another new movie ticket plan.

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Flashpop via Getty Images

A few weeks after Sinemia users reported their accounts were wrongfully terminated, the company is offering more details. Sinemia is sticking to its explanation that accounts were closed due to fraudulent activity or misuse. Now it says misuse could include using the Sinemia card to purchase concession stand items, using multiple Sinemia accounts on the same device or seeing the same movie more than three times -- a full list was provided to Engadget via email and is reproduced below.

Sinemia says this is part of its stance against fraud. "This kind of vigilance helps us combat misuse, ensuring all our customers continue to enjoy movies at affordable and sustainable prices," the company said in a press release. Supposedly, the company only terminated "a small number" of accounts, about three percent. The explanation probably won't make customers who have been cut off feel any better, and this month's debacle only reminded us of issues the company has run into in the past.

Along with this update, Sinemia launched another new ticket plan. For $14.99 per month, this "Always Unlimited" plan will let subscribers see one 2D movie per day, with no restrictions on showtimes. It offers a "level of flexibility competitors can't match" a company spokesperson said. We'll see if Sinemia's approach -- which seems to be a never-ending stream of new ticket plans -- will be enough to win back customer trust.

The list of actions that can get you booted from Sinemia are below:

  • Unauthorized use of the Sinemia card/cardless outside of its intended purposes, resulting in fraudulent financial activity. For example, this could be purchasing concessions at the theater instead of a movie ticket.
  • Using multiple Sinemia accounts on the same device.
  • Not checking in at the theater before or after your movie.
  • Seeing the same movie more than three times.
  • Creating multiple Sinemia accounts for the same person.
  • Sharing one's Sinemia membership to buy tickets for other people. This includes not only people buying tickets and selling to others but also people sharing their own tickets with friends and family members.
  • Manipulation of location data resulting in deceptive ticket purchases. For example, faking GPS data on a phone.
  • Reasonable suspicion of fraud and/or abuse.

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