Sinemia's new movie ticket discount doesn't require a subscription

For $70, you'll get $100 in movie tickets.

From discounted weekday-only movie subscriptions to $30 unlimited passes, rollover tickets, debit cards to avoid online fees and direct ticket sales, it seems like Sinemia has tried just about everything to get people to buy movie tickets. Apparently, Sinemia has another trick up its sleeve in its battle against MoviePass: you can now purchase $100-worth of tickets for just $70.

This new "Limitless" package means you can get a discount without committing to a monthly subscription. The $100 credit is good for any movie on any day, with no blackout dates. You can purchase multiple tickets on the same day, and the Sinemia site says you'll get invitations to premieres, galas and special events, along with "joyful surprises." As TechCrunch reported, there are a couple drawbacks, including convenience fees and that the balance is only good for one year.

This change comes just one day after MoviePass announced a new "strategic direction," which seems to be little more than a vague promise to do better. In this draw, we'd say Sinemia wins, simply for bringing something concrete to the table.