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Image credit: Mobius Digital/Annapurna Interactive

Space exploration indie ‘Outer Wilds’ hits Xbox One and PC May 30th

The crowdfunded game is a timed exclusive on Epic Games Store.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
05.20.19 in Art

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Mobius Digital/Annapurna Interactive

Open-world space exploration indie Outer Wilds will arrive on Xbox One and the Epic Games Store May 30th. It emerged last week the crowdfunded Mobius Digital title would be a timed exclusive for the Epic Store. Outer Wilds will arrive on other platforms later.

The game takes place in a solar system stuck in a time loop. You'll look for answers and explore hidden areas that change over time, such as an underground city that's swallowed by sand and the surface of a planet that crumbles beneath you.

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