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Apple tests sign-ins with your face or finger

You wouldn't have to use your password every time.

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Jon Fingas/Engadget

The iCloud website is handy when you want to check info from an unfamiliar device or just prefer to use a browser, but the need to enter your password could be enough of a pain that you might just pull out your phone instead. Soon, though, it could be relatively effortless. The company is testing a beta iCloud site that uses Face ID or Touch ID to sign you in. You'll need a beta version of iOS 13, iPadOS or macOS Catalina, but after that it's just a matter of using your face or finger to sign in with compatible Apple gear.

Although it's not certain just when this iCloud update goes live, its dependence on this year's round of OS updates suggests that it'll be available around September. They could be more helpful than you think whenever they arrive. While Face ID and Touch ID are meant more for convenience than absolute security, they could reduce the chances of intruders grabbing your login details through keyloggers and similar snooping tools.

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