JLab's latest true wireless earbuds are only $29

They might be ideal for gym goers who don't insist on high-end audio.

Do you like the thought of wearing true wireless earbuds at the gym, but bristle at the thought of losing a costly pair mid-workout? JLab Audio has a simple solution: make earbuds so affordable that you won't panic if something goes wrong. It's releasing Go Air earbuds in March that will offer many of the creature comforts of rivals for $29. They promise a small fit, an hour of listening from a 15-minute charge, Bluetooth 5 support and sweat resistance -- not bad for an entire offering that costs less than a single replacement bud from competitors.

There is evidence of some cost-cutting. The five-hour battery life is fine, but won't make you regret buying the nine-hour Powerbeats Pro. The 15 hours of extra charging from the battery case (20 total) isn't spectacular, either. These figures are still solid for the price, mind you. It may just be a question of whether or not Go Air's sound quality is good enough to warrant a try. We're hoping to test them ourselves in the near future, so stay tuned for an initial verdict on JLab's claims.