Bosch's virtual visor eliminates sun glare without blocking your view

It uses facial recognition AI to identify when the sun is in your eyes.

Sun glare is responsible for thousands of car accidents every year -- almost twice as many as any other weather-related condition, in fact. Now Bosch has reimagined the traditional sun visor to help tackle the problem -- and it's an incredibly techy take on the original.

The "Virtual Visor" is made up of a single, transparent LCD panel and a driver-facing camera, which uses AI facial detection and tracking software to determine where the sun's glare is hitting the driver's face. The algorithm analyzes the driver's view, and then -- using liquid crystal technology -- darkens the section of the visor through which light hits the driver's eyes. The rest of the display remains transparent, no longer obscuring the driver's field of vision, as traditional visors do.

As you might expect, this is an early-days idea -- you won't find the Virtual Visor in any vehicles just yet. For now, the above render will have to do. Or, if you happen to be in Vegas, an in-person demo. If we can track one down ourselves, we'll be sure to update this post.