Hatch made a smart sleep light to help adults rest better

Restore offers a reading light, sleep sounds and a sunrise alarm.

Hatch, which is perhaps best known for its baby-focused products, is turning its attention to grown-ups. It made a smart sleep light called Restore, with the aim of helping people drift off more easily and get a better night's rest.

Hatch alarm clock

It's pegging the device as an all-in-one sleep system. Features include a reading lamp with reduced blue light, soothing sounds (like white noise, wind and water) and a light-based alarm that mimics the sunrise. You can personalize your Restore sleep routine through a mobile app or on the device itself.

In real life, it has a similar aesthetic to Google's Nest Home devices, with a fabric cover surrounding the light-up dome. The dome can cycle through colors and gets plenty bright enough when you either need it as a reading light source, or simply a very strong visual wake-up call.

Restore will go on sale sometime in the early part of this year through Hatch's website. The company hasn't revealed pricing details as yet.

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