Lexilight is a reading lamp designed to help people with dyslexia

New research suggests dyslexic folks have two dominant eyes.

The precise causes of dyslexia remain a mystery, though research out of France two years ago suggests the condition occurs when someone has two dominant eyes, rather than the usual one. This means letters appear mirrored or blurred, making it difficult to read. The Lexilight lamp tackles this problem with LEDs -- it pulses at a customizable rate, enabling the brain to process information from a single "dominant" eye and clearing up mashed-together letters instantly.

The Lexilight is completely adjustable -- knobs on the back of the light change the pulsation, allowing users to find the rhythm that works for them.


Lexilife is a new company out of France, and it's showing off the Lexilight at CES 2020. The lamp itself is available now in Europe and will come to the United States soon, according to Lexilife founder Jean-Baptiste Fontes. It costs €549, and is available for a free 30-day trial.

Lexilife partners with dyslexia support organizations, and it's tested the lamp on more than 300 people with dyslexia. Ninety percent of them found it improved their reading abilities.