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This wearable for dogs claims to reveal their mood

Get your doggie Doolittle on.

Despite spending the last 32,000 or so years adapting and evolving to become our most loyal companions, a dog's mood can still occasionally prove inscrutable to their human's understanding. Is Fifi yipping because she's excited or scared? With the help of Inupathy's upcoming device, you'll soon be able to tell.


The device itself consists of a small heart rate monitor, onboard processor and LED display mounted into one of five harness sizes that fit everyone from Chihuahuas to St Bernards. The device monitors, records and analyzes your dog's emotional states -- since dogs' heart rates spike when stressed or anxious -- creating a predictive index of their mood. The dog's current mood is displayed via the LED display, with green denoting relaxation, red equating to stress and a rainbow for overall happiness. An associated iPhone or Android app provides additional estimates such as the relative mix of the dog's various emotions. The company doesn't have a shipping timetable for the US yet but is considering a crowdfunding campaign in the near future.

James Trew contributed to this post.