Whirlpool's smart thermometer ensures your food is cooked properly

It'll even integrate with your oven in the future.

Whirlpool wants to be sure you never serve an undercooked roast again. Its Yummly subsidiary is introducing a Smart Thermometer that uses sensors to check the temperatures of both the oven and your food, letting you know through a mobile app when they reach the right temperature. You won't have to periodically check your turkey to know when it's ready to eat.

This isn't uncommon in existing connected thermometers like Meater, but it should get clever in the future. An update coming in late 2020 will integrate the thermometer with supporting Whirlpool ovens, letting the oven adjust the temperature based on the steps you're in with a given Yummly recipe. You might not even have to think about adjusting the oven's controls while dinner is in the works.

You should see the Smart Thermometer reach stores in early 2020 for $129. That's more expensive than some options, but it might be easier to justify if you either thrive on Yummly or appreciate that oven tie-in.