Nikon's Coolpix P950 has an improved EVF, 4K and 83x zoom power

The superzoom is ideal for amateur birders and astronomers.

Nikon has unveiled the Coolpix P950, a refresh of its popular P900 superzoom. While it doesn't quite have the incredible 3,000mm equivalent reach of the P1000, it nevertheless delivers 83x zoom power equal to 2,000mm on 35mm cameras. That's enough to capture a jet plane crossing the moon or the gleam in a bird's eye for a long distance away.

While it packs the same 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor as before, the P950 has a much better 2.4-million dot EVF, over double the resolution of the last model. It can also now capture 4K, which will allow you to take much better video from a long ways away. That'll be ideal for sports or wildlife videography, for example.

You can take photos at up to 7 fps and shoot RAW/JPEG photos in low light up to ISO 6400, as before. It also supports an optional DF-M1 gun-like Dot Sight to help you locate subjects and compose shots from far away. The Coolpix P950 will arrive in February for $800.

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