Tumblr's digital literacy campaign targets fake news and bullying

Tumblr and Ditch the Label hope to start conversations around safe internet behavior.

Tumblr is launching a year-long digital literacy campaign to fight fake news, cyberbullying and other toxic internet behavior. Tumblr hopes the campaign, dubbed World Wide What, will spread internet safety awareness and start healthy conversations with the Tumblr community. (Full disclosure: Tumblr has ties to Verizon, Engadget's parent company.)

Tumblr is partnering with the UK nonprofit Ditch the Label, and their campaign will focus on six topics. Each topic will get a short explainer video, as well as an expert-guided discussion.

"We recognize that toxicity and negativity happen everywhere online, even on Tumblr," the company said in a press release. "We are constantly striving to learn and utilize new ways to create a safe place for our communities."

While the videos are pretty basic, they could help educate some users. The campaign also suggests that Tumblr isn't dead under its new ownership, and like all other social media platforms, it's concerned with misinformation and toxic online behavior.