Amazfit's HomeStudio is a smart mirror paired with a treadmill

The Amazfit HomeStudio could be a competitor for the Peloton Tread.

The company that makes Xiaomi's MiBand has teamed up with the Studio.Live, a startup offering on-demand running classes. The pair are at CES this week, unveiling a new home gym that combines AI, streaming classes and treadmills to help you stay in shape. Say hello to the Amazfit HomeStudio.

Amazfit HomeStudio has three components: a 43-inch HD smart mirror, called THE GLASS (all caps), JBL surround-sound speakers, and a treadmill. You get the pick of two: a premium model that uses slat belt technology (like the Peloton Tread) and can reach speeds of up to 12mph. If that's too much for your wallet, or your home isn't that big, you could opt for the AirRun, a foldable version that reaches a top speed of 9 mph instead. Rounding out the package is a 3D time-of-flight camera that the system's computer vision will use to keep an eye on your posture and technique.

When you want to start a class, fire up the smart mirror at which point you'll be able to access a library of 1,000 classes across a wide variety of exercises. And they don't all have to be treadmill-based either, since you can participate in yoga, sculpt and stretching classes on the floor.

This is by no means the first product in this space, and there are already several smart-mirror based home gyms. Like Mirror, for instance, which is priced at $1,495 and offers workout videos from fitness experts that you need to follow along with at home. Similarly, Peloton makes a smart treadmill, with on-demand classes, albeit costing the better part of five grand, plus the monthly subscription.

Huami says that the price and release window of the Amazfit HomeStudio will be revealed soon, and that the price "will delight US customers." Obviously, the only price point that would delight me is for it to be free, with a candy bar thrown in for good measure. But maybe I have a skewed sense of what delight means when we're talking about high-end exercise equipment manufacturing companies.