DFree is making an emergency alert system for your colon

The prototype was shown at CES 2020.

Last year, Triple W won a Best Of CES award for DFree, a wearable that adhered to people's stomachs and gave incontinent people a heads-up when nature was about to call. This year, the company is back in Las Vegas to show off a prototype for its new sensor for people with intestinal issues. If successful, the next DFree product will buzz your phone to let you know that it's time to go number two.

Codenamed B1, the prototype is designed to stick onto your stomach, just below your belly button, using a small adhesive pad on top. Unlike its predecessor, which has an external battery clipped to the waist, the B1 has both battery and sensors in a single, very small package. But like the model that's currently on sale, it'll use ultrasound to monitor your intestinal activity, and will alert you when it reaches the right intensity.

DFree B1

The companion app will be able to show you both the "magnitude of your intestinal activity" and track the details of previous bowel movements. It's hoped that the system will help folks with IBD, IBS and other gastrointestinal issues better manage their conditions and offer tips on how to improve. Unfortunately, the company doesn't expect to have the B1 ready for prime time until 2021 at the earliest, so until then, keep drinking water and getting plenty of fiber.