Go Dogo trains your pup while you're away

Who's a good boy? You all are.

A bored dog is an unhappy dog. So if you have to commute to the office during the work week, keep your pup entertained and mentally engaged with Go Dogo.

go dogo

The Go Dogo is essentially a home entertainment and training system for canines that can teach them a variety of basic obedience commands like sit, sit up, and lie down. It consists of two units: a treat dispenser that mounts to the wall above your television, connecting to the set through an HDMI connection) and a side camera that monitors the dog's response to the onscreen instructions. Once you launch a training session through the associated smartphone app, the virtual instructor will call the dog over to the TV and command it to perform a variety of tricks and solve gradually more complex mentally stimulating challenges. If the dog complies, out pops a small treat as a reward along with positive visual and audio feedback. The smartphone app can also schedule training session and tracks the dog's progress over time.

Go Dogo

The company hopes to launch a crowdfunding campaign to bring Go Dogo to the US and, should that be successful, intends to begin shipping units before the end of 2020.

Images: Go Dogo (inline images)