PopSockets unveils a wireless charger that makes space for PopGrips

You won’t have to take the PopGrip off of your phone to charge it wirelessly.

Thanks to a new device by PopSockets, you'll no longer have to remove your PopGrip to wirelessly charge your phone. At CES today, PopSockets unveiled its PopPower Home Charger, a wireless charging pad that looks something like a donut. PopGrips fit into the recess in the center, so they won't get in the way of charging.

PopPower is Qi-certified and uses technology developed by NuCurrent. It supports fast charging, and according to the partners, it will charge through thick phone cases. That could be especially helpful if you have one of the OtterBox and PopSockets mashup cases.

The charger comes in three styles -- matte white, mountainscape and cosmic cloud -- and costs $60. It's available online now. Though, a warning, it only works with non-metallic PopGrips.