OtterBox partners up for PopSocket case and better screen protectors

The company is working with PopSockets and Corning for the phone accessories.

Phone case maker OtterBox is feeling mighty friendly these days. The company announced a partnership with PopSocket to create a phone case that has the ubiquitous accessory built right into it. It also revealed it is working with Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning to bring OtterBox's first line of glass screen protectors to market.

The line of cases produced as part of the OtterBox and PopSockets mashup is called the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series. Essentially, it's just OtterBox's line of Symmetry cases for iPhones with a PopGrip built right into the middle of it. It's a pretty no-brainer innovation, as it allows the grip to fold flat against the case rather than sticking out even when flat. It also does away with the guesswork of trying to perfectly center a PopGrip on your own. The case will come with a PopTop that matches its color, but it will be designed so you can swap in any PopTop of your choosing. The Otter + Pop cases will be available for iPhone 7 and newer and will start at $60, with each swappable PopTop starting at $8.

As for OtterBox's partnership with Corning, the plans are a little less clear. The two announced a plan to team up and create a line of glass screen protectors called Amplify. The accessories will come out sometime soon for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, as well as for "today's leading smartphones and tablets," but the companies made no mention of price or release date.