Apple's next MacBook upgrades could be coming soon

A new filing suggests Apple could make an announcement within the next few months.

Last year's 16-inch MacBook Pro felt a bit like a return to form. While the latest iteration of Apple's flagship laptop didn't address the love-it-or-hate-it (but mostly hate-it) Touch Bar and an obnoxious lack of connectivity, it did have a much better keyboard compared to previous models. The new MacBook Pro replaced finicky butterfly switch keys with new mechanisms that make typing feel more natural and are more resilient to dust and debris. Naturally, one question on Mac users' minds was when Apple would bring the new scissor-switch-equipped keyboard to the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air lineup. According to 9to5Mac, a new filing with the Eurasian Economic Commission (the ECC) indicates that we could see the more ergonomic notebooks sooner rather than later.

The filing simply mentions a "portable personal computer," so there's no telling which MacBook is getting an update. Apple usually holds events in early spring where the company unveils new products, so a new MacBook being announced in a few months makes sense. Some consumers are likely holding out on buying a new MacBook until the 16-inch model's improvements hit the more affordable entries in the MacBook lineup, so Apple would be smart to release new ones sooner rather than later. That said, there's no guarantee as to which updates the new notebooks will actually receive.