Sony's PlayStation wrap-up reveals your top games of 2019

It also shows how many hours you've played over the past year.

PlayStation has started sending out its year-end wrap-up reports, and they may bring back fond memories of the time you spent playing your favorite games last year. The report will tell you how many titles you've played in 2019, along with a list of the three you've accessed the most and the number of hours you've spent on each one. If you were ever in denial about hoarding games only to play a handful in rotation, then the report can give you a reality check.


The wrap-up will also reveal your top genre, as well as the number of games and trophies you've earned in that genre. Finally, it'll show you the total number of trophies you've gotten last year, which seems especially satisfying if you play to collect them. You'll receive the report through email, so long as you have a PSN account and have played on a PS4 for at least 10 hours between January 1st and December 10th, 2019. In case it doesn't arrive anytime soon, you can also just check your stats on the official wrap-up page.

via Gfycat

In addition to the report itself, you're also getting a free dynamic theme and seven different avatars that can show the type of game you enjoy the most. The one for sports game fans is a sneaker with wings, for instance, while the one for strategy game fans is a chess knight piece.