NBC's Peacock streaming service costs $10 for ad-free Premium access

It launches April 15th for some Comcast customers, July 15th for everyone else.

Like HBO Max and Disney+, Comcast/NBC starts revealing details of its new streaming service with a presentation to investors. Now we know when Peacock will launch, and how much it will cost in addition to info about all of its content. Like so many of the others, Comcast is launching this streaming service to boost its other businesses, so the first people with access are Comcast X1 and Flex customers, who can try it out starting April 15th. Comcast and Cox cable subscribers also get free access to one of the premium tiers of the video service.

Peacock has a free version, that is ad-supported with "next-day" access to some of its originals, new series from the broadcast NBC and other content. Peacock Premium also has ads -- execs say they're limited to five minutes per hour of programming -- plus full seasons of the service's originals, next-day access to current seasons of returning broadcast shows, "early" access to Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers' late-night shows at 8PM each night, Premier League soccer, Olympic streams and more. Premium access costs $5 if you're not a cable subscriber with Comcast or Cox, while removing ads entirely costs $5 extra.

Depending on your tier, you'll have access to various originals, TV shows, films, sports and news content. It will also have exclusive Olympics content this summer, including the Opening and Closing ceremonies live from Tokyo before they air on NBC in primetime.


Execs also showed off the Peacock app, which will immediately begin streaming video when you open it. As one would expect for a service in 2020, it will offer kids content filtering and parental controls, as well as custom profiles. For the investors, they showed off a lot of the advertising technology that's backing the service, and claim that it will offer a new level of transparency for why you're seeing certain ads, as well as advertising that's relevant to viewers. They targeted 30 - 35 million active users by the end of 2024, a number that compares to Disney+'s estimate of 60 to 90 million subscribers by then. One difference is that Comcast/NBC is pitching this service (at least right now) for the US only.