Mario Kart Tour's second multiplayer beta will be open to all

Nintendo says it's "on the way."

Still playing Mario Kart Tour? The development team has announced today that a second multiplayer beta is on the way. Unlike the last test -- which required an expensive Gold Pass subscription to enter -- this one will be open to all players. It will also allow you to race with competitors "in your immediate vicinity" for the first time. (You will, therefore, need an internet connection and location data enabled to play.) "If you weren't able to join the previous test and are interested in multiplayer, we're eager to hear your feedback during this one," one of the game's news bulletins explained.

Nintendo stopped short of giving a date for the test. The developer said further details would be published both in-game and through its official social media accounts. Multiplayer was an obvious omission when Mario Kart Tour launched last September. The racer has some gorgeous visuals and a surprisingly competent touch-based control scheme, but was widely criticised for its optional Gold Pass subscription -- which costs $4.99 per month, the same as Apple Arcade -- and convoluted web of free-to-play systems. Nintendo president Shuuntaro Furukawa said the game was off "to a very good start" during an earnings call last November, however.