Motorola will begin taking foldable Razr pre-orders on January 26th

The phone will start shipping and will be available on February 6th.

Motorola's revived Razr phone was supposed to be available for pre-order back in December, but the company chose to push it back due to (seemingly unexpected) significant consumer demand. Now, the phonemaker is finally ready to take your reservations. Presales for the foldable phone will be available starting on January 26th in the US.

We asked the company about availability in other regions, and we're waiting to hear back. But if you're in the US, you'll be able to pre-order a unit through Verizon, Walmart and Motorola's website on the 26th. The phone will start shipping to pre-order customers and will be available through those sales channels on February 6th. The company said in a statement:

"We are excited to share that, in North America, the Motorola Razr will be available for presale on January 26th exclusively at Verizon, Walmart and; and in stores starting on February 6th. Dates for other markets will be announced locally."

Motorola's new Razr phone has a foldable display, which allows it to be a modern smartphone with a full-sized screen while staying true to the Razr's flip form factor. It doesn't have the latest and greatest flagship components -- Motorola admits it's a "design-first" device -- and will set you back $1,500. The phone definitely has a unique look you can't get elsewhere, though. For now, that is. Samsung is rumored to be working on a clamshell-type foldable phone of its own.

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