Teenage Engineering’s IKEA collection lands in stores next month

‘IKEA is furniture, meatballs and soon… Party.’

If IKEA's Sonos speakers are a little bland for your taste, you might be happy to know that the FREKVENS line, a collaboration between IKEA and Teenage Engineering, arrives in February. The collection is meant to get funky house parties started, and it includes everything from speakers to spotlights, spill-resistant furniture and a raincoat -- all with Teenage Engineering's signature colorful quirkiness.

The core of the FREKVENS collection (FREKVENS translates to "frequency") is a portable, modular music system. For $70, you can get the Bluetooth-enabled, 8-inch-tall speaker, which claims to have a 10-hour battery life and comes in black and red or black and yellow. If you need more bass, there's a $150 speaker with a subwoofer, and for $20, you can put the party in your pocket with a four-inch portable speaker that has a belt clip.


The speakers promise the high-quality sound we've come to expect from Teenage Engineering, and they're meant to be paired with the FREKVENS LED spotlight and LED multi-use lights, as well as the the light up speaker base. Of course, the line includes furniture, like barstools, an end table and an ottoman. There's also dishware, a blanket and a tote bag -- and a $25 raincoat, so you can party rain or shine.

"We've wanted to make something that feels like IKEA, and at the same time challenge how we perceive them today," said Teenage Engineering founder and head of design Jesper Kouthoofd. "It's exciting to explore new territories, push the boundaries and challenge each other. IKEA is furniture, meatballs and soon... Party."

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