Dyson hopes you'll throw down $650 for its lamp that mimics candlelight

The new light-up stem emits an expensive orange glow.


Dyson's newest light, the Lightcycle Morph, is its most flexible lamp yet. At first glance, it looks similar to the Dyson Lightcycle, introduced last year, and it has many of the same key features — like the ability to automatically adjust based on your local daylight. It also has three axes which allow it to rotate into different positions and the ability to emulate candlelight, but you'll have to shell out a minimum of $650 for this updated version.

For indirect light, the head rotates to bounce light off walls, floors and ceilings. You can aim the Lightcycle Morph at art for feature lighting, or use it more traditionally over your workspace. The Morph also adds a light-up stem that emits a warm, orange glow and can emulate candlelight.


The Morph is available now in a desk model ($650) and floor version ($850). That's definitely a lot to spend on a lamp, but according to the company, it should last up to 60 years, thanks to its special copper rod cooling system that promises to extend its life span.

Like the original Dyson Lightcycle, the Morph adjusts based on your age — according to Dyson a 65-year-old needs four times more light than a 20-year-old. You can opt for preset modes like study, relax, boost and wake up, or assign up to 20 different light settings to match your preferences. The Morph has a USB-C port and a motion sensor, so it will turn off when you're not using it, and it adjusts to changes in surrounding light.

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